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Highland Bushcrafting & Staff stuff

Tom Langhorne of the Fandabi Dozi Wilderness and Adventures channel has made a series on 17th/18th Century Highlander survival and bushcrafting skills, which is highly recommended. In his newest video on the staff as a tool for hiking, bushcraft and fighting, I gladly helped him with the research informations on the scottish martial culture of the Quarterstaff and other things. Very happy to share this video and looking forward to see more 🙂


Broadsword Video with Matt Easton & Jay Maas

Our very own Cateran Jay Maas of Broadsword Academy Manitoba had the chance to make a video together with Matt Easton of Schola Gladiatora in Matt´s popular channel. It is of course about basket-hilts, their history and their design and some specific use according to some sources.

Check it out!

Scorners of Death – Review by Paul Wagner

Our mate Paul Wagner of Stoccata School of Defense in Australia made a review video on our book “Scorners of Death – Fighting Skills of Medieval Gaelic Warriors” on his youtube channel (next to the really good book “Scottish Fencing” by Ben Miller/Jared Kirby. Check out out!

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