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The Highland Dirk – Bushcraft & Martial Arts

Our mate Tom from Fandabi Dozi Wilderness adventures did another video a while ago on the history, martial arts and bushcrafting with the Highland Dirk. This video was a cooperation work, where the Cateran Society supported Tom´s excellent work with the knowledge and some video drills on the Dirk as weapon. Tom even reenacted a famous fight description with the use of Cudgel and Dirk 🙂

Check it out!

From Saxons to Swashbucklers

One of our hard working and dedicated Broadsword Academy Online Program apprentices, Gabe Briney recently started an interesting HEMA Blog. He is covering various interesting articles on topics related to historical weapons and martial arts from “Saxons to Swashbucklers”.

Check it out here.

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