The Cateran Society

An Comunn Ceatharnach

The Cateran Society Merchandise


Here are the official Cateran Society Shirts for our certified Mentors and Caterans. If you are a certified Mentor or Cateran you can order the shirt above of your rank officially and wear it publically. This is not meant to be a “belt-system” or something, just a little something to reward yourself for achieving a certification.

The Mentor-Shirt is Cateran Society logo on the front and backprint Broadsword and Targe with lettering “MENTOR”.

The Cateran-Shirt is Cateran Society logo on the front and backprint with Broadsword and Targe and lettering “CATERAN”. On the right sleeve there is the St. Andrew´s Cross as a symbol for Scotland, crossed swords and also fullfilling the complete program.

If you want to order, please send us an Email.

Original logo design copyrights by the Highland Sword Fighting Guild (Aurora, Canada). Layout by Owynn (Scotland).

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