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In this section we will present to you our instructional videos from the official Cateran Society youtube-channel, but also from branch schools of our society. These are instructional videos on the Broadsword Academy Apprenticeship Program, full interpretations of historical manuals and also training videos with helpfull adivces and detailed help on specific topics.

1. Cpt. G. Sinclair`s “Antipugilism” of 1790. Highland Broadsword Lessons interpreted, filmed and performed by our Cateran J. Maas and his students of the Broadsword Academy Manitoba (Canada).

2. “A Practical Guide to the Use of Highland Broadsword & Targe”: Lessons based on and inspired by Donald McBane (1728), Thomas Page (1746), the Penicuik-Sketches (1745/46) as well as practical experiences. Filmed and performed by Cateran Heiko Große of the Broadsword Academy Germany.


Lesson 1: Footwork

Lesson 2: Guards

Lesson 3: Holding the Targe


3. Highland/Celtic Wrestling: If you want to into Scottish Wrestling or to train your skills for close-quarter combat with weapons too, this is a good way to start. This is for information, please make sure to be in good health and condition before you train any of these techniques on your own risk. See a doctor to check your health before you start training, warm-up properly and always take care of yourself and your training partners.

Celtic Wrestling Lessons: 10 Lessons of Celtic Wrestling basing on traditional wrestling styles like Irish Collar-and-Ellbow, Scottish Backhold and Loose-hold wrestling. Created and performed by Cateran Vitaliy Negoda, Krasnodar, Russia:

Highland Wrestling with Zane Grey: Complete video of the seminar on Highland Wrestling or Scottish Backhold.

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