The Cateran Society

An Comunn Ceatharnach

The Bardic Assembly

Recognized bards of the Cateran Society, honored for their contributions in lore, art, music, and language. Rank in the Bardic Assembly is given based on achievements or contributions in these areas: lore, art, music, and language. Earning rank in one of these areas would make you a first degree bard of the Cateran Society, two areas would be a second degree bard, and so forth. To apply for membership in the Bardic Assembly, contact Christopher Scott Thompson at

Lore – substantial research in the areas we study, such as publishing a book or fulfilling the requirements of the Hoplology course.

Art – a chapbook-length work of poetry, an artistic portfolio, a novel or short-story collection on Cateran-related themes.

Music – demonstrated ability to play on a traditional Celtic instrument, sing Gaelic songs or some equivalent skill.

Language – demonstrated proficiency in Gaelic.


Bards of the Cateran Society:

Christopher Scott Thompson – 2nd Degree (Lore, Art)

Bhiatailidh Negoda MacDhùghaill – 1st Degree (Language)

Peter Walker – 1st Degree (Music)

James Mungall – 1st Degree (Music)

Heiko Große – 1st Degree (Lore)

Timo Seppälä – 1st Degree (Lore)

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