The Cateran Society

An Comunn Ceatharnach

The Cateran System


If you aren’t near a local branch, you can join our online Apprenticeship Program. Contact Christopher Scott Thompson at for more information!


Level I: Regimental Highland Broadsword

The techniques of the Scottish Highland Regiments in the British Army represent a simplified yet highly effective method of swordsmanship, designed to quickly teach raw recruits to be effective swordsmen.

Level II: Old Style Broadsword

These are the techniques used by the stage gladiators and wandering swordsmen of the Jacobite era. Although this is a more difficult style to understand and master, the intricacies of this style will improve your skill in all of our other systems. We are now encouraging all Level II students to focus on Backsword, but Thomas Page’s Broadsword is still an option.

Level III: Sword and Targe and Other Double Weapons

The sword and targe, and other weapon combinations such as double broadswords and sword and dirk. A highly aggressive and dynamic style of swordplay.

Level IV: The MacGregor Method and Other Auxiliary Arts

Level IV of our system includes all of our electives or auxiliary arts. This refers to systems and weapons other than our core practice of historical broadsword fencing, and includes everything from speculative reconstructions of ancient and forgotten systems to modern combatives and self-defense.

Level V: Cleasa

The term “Cleasa” refers to unusual skills and techniques, hinted at in the most ancient of Gaelic legends.


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