The Cateran Society

An Comunn Ceatharnach

The Mentor’s Council

The Mentor’s Council consists of all Mentors and Caterans of the Cateran Society.

Headmaster: This is not a “master” rank as found in other martial arts. “Headmaster” is the customary term for the head instructor or principal of any Academy, and our Headmaster is in charge of overseeing instruction through our Apprenticeship Program. In addition, whichever branch Academy the Headmaster personally oversees will be the official head school of the Cateran Society Broadsword Academy. The current Headmaster is Heiko Große (Broadsword Academy Germany), successor of Cateran Society founder Christopher Scott Thompson. The Headmaster of the Broadsword Academy is also the President (Ceann Suidhe) of the Cateran Society as a whole.

Tanist: The Tanist (Tanaiste) is the Vice President of the Cateran Society. His job is to assist the President, and he is appointed by the serving President. The current Tanist is Cateran Matt Park.

Constable: The Constable is responsible for upholding the standards of the Galloglass by encouraging all members to actively seek martial challenges and to conduct themselves according to the commitments of the Galloglass.

Cateran: The term Cateran (gaelic ceatharnach) historically referred to a band of fighting men of a Highland Clan. A Cateran is a full-instructor, certified to teach all five Levels within the Cateran System, who has a deep understanding of the art we practice and is active in training and research.

Mentor: Members with a certification in one or more levels (up to Level IV), who can establish an official Cateran training location and teach within the level(s) for which they are certified. A Mentor can also take responsibility for other members in our Online Apprenticeship Program.

Caterans (Certified to Teach Levels I-V)

Christopher Scott Thompson – Founder of the Cateran Society

Heiko Große – Ceann Suidhe (President) and Headmaster

Mathew Park – Tanist (Vice President)

Bhiatailidh Negoda MacDhùghaill

Matthew Tice

Seth Robinson

Sergey Osipov

Timo Seppälä

J. Maas – Constable of the Galloglass

Jake Hodgson

Mentors Certified to Teach Level IV:

Wyatt Campbell

Mentors Certified to Teach Level III:

Alex Große

Erik Middleton

Randy Terrett

Chris Dyer

Wyatt Campbell

Peter Stabel

Robert Grima

Adam Peter Fretwell

Dylan Sultana

Mentors Certified to Teach Level II:

Randal Gustitis

Elmo Mackay

Robin John Price

Scott McIntosh

Tero Ulvinen

Wyatt Campbell

Thomas Proctor

Justen Russell

Mentors Certified to Teach Level I:

Erik Middleton

Randy Terrett

Chris Dyer

Wyatt Campbell

Peter Stabel

Randal Gustitis

Elmo Mackay

Robin John Price

Scott McIntosh

Tero Ulvinen

Thomas Proctor

Justen Russell

Tsevi Dai Aho

Jonathan Alford

James Black

John-Michael Dimond

Jonathan MacKenzie Gordon

Caitlin Leigh Halvorson

Sam Irving

Justin Kirck

Alex Mahler (Deceased)

Shannon Julius McDowell

James Mungall

Jeff Nadwidny

Daria Osipova

JT Purdom

Ricky Rickert

Jonah Tannahill

Micah Wendell

Dana Sweetman

Andrey Yarovoy

Lamont Glass

James Epperly

Randy Bayuk

Scott Goodgame

Jaques Labrie

Joshua Campbell

Katya Artemyeva

Ivan Shirshov

Abu-Isa Webb


8 thoughts on “The Mentor’s Council

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  2. D Fraser on said:

    Can the Cateran Society provide guidance on the selection of a basket hilted sword (broad or back sword)? What is the appropriate level of protective gear for training and competing?

  3. Benjamin Pelzer on said:

    Is there any way to find someone who is willing to mentor me in broadsword fighting in Halifax?

  4. Is there anyone that is available for mentoring near Ogden, UT?

  5. How does one become a member?

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